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The fellow above, whose art work this website is dedicated to, worked in law enforcement for 30+ years. I know, I know...  I never shot my gun anywhere but at the range, despite being in patrol and answering calls for service the entire time. I was never sued or the target of anything but the mildest of complaints despite more arrests than the typical patrol(wo)man. I gave respect and received it in return, never forgetting the proverb:

There but for the Grace of God go I...

That being said, I lived  the last 30+ years in a straitjacket. Weirdness and arty intellectualism is not a sought after commodity in paramilitary organizations. Having now retired, I am  gradually losing my professionally induced inhibitions and picking up where I left off in my twenties. Am now an old man aged 62. It is my hope these drawings, rough and inelegant, might find a small audience of convivial fellow travelers. For me they are reminders of a self under wraps for longer than I care to remember, battened down and buttoned up for decades...  

2007_02022-2-B-20070211 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
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