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A Long Scroll

in random order...

strathmore paper roll
three feet wide thirty feet long drawing
black ink drawing
figurative tempera painting
long scroll by martin fosso
black ink drawing on long scroll
brush and black ink imaginary landscape
youthful drawing on a larger scale
martin's long scroll
martin fosso a long scroll
people and animals drawings
iron portcullis
neo-expressionist self-taught drawing
neo-expressionist drawings
the end or beginning of the scroll
neo-expressionist mural
Martin Fosso mural
color storm
unknown artist mural
outsider mural
outlier mural
unknown muralist in NC
classical dreams

While still living at home I remember finding a beautiful book with real cedar wood covers containing a long folded reproduction of the Japanese artist Sesshu's Long Scroll.

real cedar book cover
Sesshu's Long Scroll
Sesshu's Long Scroll
Thirty feet of Strathmore drawing paper
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