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jail cell anywhere
heroin  junky
cruising for a prostitute on 14th St NW Washington DC
crack whore washington dc
crack wars Washington, dc 1990's
dead body on medical examiner gurney

 DC Housing Authority, Park Morton Apartments, 5-600 blocks of Morton St. NW, Washington, DC

Glock 17
crack whore Pam 9th street NW
MAC 11 nine millimeter
Johnson convicted of murder
Heroin junkies Washington dc
AK-47 magazine painted
gang rape of Central Park jogger
"run up on a n***a" 9 Milli Woodland Terr SE, DC

Woodland Terrace Public Housing, SE Washington, DC    

crime scenes and crime
punched in the face, teeth knocked out
police fighting suspect and winning
crack whore Montana Ave NE Washington, DC
police yoking a suspects neck
crack head Washington dc
crack whore
Washington, DC streets 1990's
crack whore
police brutality
drug wasteland
DC hustlers 1990's
police canine K-9
shooting up
9mm cartridge casing
bullet resistant vest for cop
DC "killing fields" 1990's TIME magazine
Police K-9
slap stick black jack
Colt 45
blood transfusion
museum security guard
9 Milli woodland terrace se Washington DC
crack whore despairing
crack pipe ghosts
selling rock Montana Avenue NE Washington DC
prostitutes 1600 NY Ave NE, DC
selling crack NE Washington DC
selling crack
smoking rock
Heroin in the winter
cemetery stones
death in the trees
hands up don't shoot!
ladies of the evening
hands up!
shoot for center mass
once we had an empire
DC policeman
detective in a hat
hands up don't shoot
AIDS HIV unprotected sex
prisoner 661185
don't move!
death of policeman
police K-9
K-9 dog
hanging man
boot boy
canine hunter
hanged man
light headed
the needle took another man
The Judge" revolver in .410 caliber
chasing sex
jail cell anywhere USA
modern crucifixion
street memorial to the dead in Baltimore
three DC Police
street assault
die mk'er!
Fallen angel
she talks to Angels
Angel and offering
guns graves and street hoods
dew rag
TJ Hookers
lady of the evening Washington, dc
murdered street dudes
police officer Washington, DC
riding through crack neighborhoods 1990's
simple city Benning terrace Washington dc

DC Housing project Benning Terrace,
46th and G Streets SE Washington, DC
a.k.a. "Simple City"

simple city Washington dc drive by
hands up don't shoot!
police in front of fascist monument to Mussolini
derek chauvin
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