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The above drawing from 09/09/2021 harks way back some twenty years to 1990, to what I think was the first suicide scene I happened upon in the course of my duties as a DC Police Officer. It was on 17th Street NW near Corcoran. The decedent died alone in his bedroom from a self inflicted shotgun blast to the head. I remember the top half of his skull, detached, looking like a cereal bowl half full of gray porridge (brain matter). But what was perhaps the most disturbing were the numerous tiny bits of scalp with 2-3 hair follicles still attached that peppered the walls and ceiling. No note that I saw, but since I was not crime scene I was not called upon to do anything but maintain scene integrity till Homicide and Mobile Crime arrived, which meant sitting patiently with the corpse, waiting. I did note, without touching, in the trash can credit card receipts from an escort service and several empty bottles of liquor. A sad and solitary demise. 


  The above drawing is from 08/20/1980,
age 21,
41 years separates this from the drawing above. So little stylistic progress (alas), artistic stasis.
But a pretty consistent thematic preoccupation. 


Christmas 1969

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